Monday, 1 September 2014

Grandparent's Concert

On Thursday  28th August and Friday 29th August Team 1 and 2 invited their grandparents to a concert. Each room put on an item. Room 4's item was 'Captain Quake and Boss Bird' written by Jill Eggleton. We enjoyed being sailors on Captain Quake's ship. Some of us to 'clean the decks', some had to 'mend the sails' and the rest had to 'fix the ropes'.  Ryder and D'rhyas were Captain Quake and Riley was Boss Bird. When the concert was over our grandparents came to our classroom and had their photos taken with us. Our grandparents loved our concert and between them all they donated $1,600 for new library books. Thank you Grandparents. 
Riley was Boss Bird and she is squawking to let Captain Quake know that the sailors are not doing their job.

These sailors are meant to be mending the sails but they are rolling in the ropes.

These sailors are meant to be fixing the ropes but they are skipping with the ropes. 

Captain Quake is crying because he thought that Boss Bird was dead.

These sailors are meant to be cleaning the deck but they are dancing with the buckets and brooms.

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  1. Wow room 4! You were all superstars in the Grandparents concert. Well done.